Our business is to repair cellphones/tablet issues; it’s what we do every day. All you have to do is to make the decision to choose us for your cellphone/tablet repairs and we will handle the rest. The electronic repair industry has been plagued for years with operators using questionable business practices. It always seemed strange to us that people in this industry would disregard what we consider one of the fundamental rules of doing business. It’s a simple concept that you would think that everyone should follow. Sadly, very few companies are left that understand it, “If you want to stay in business you have to do it right… as per customer concern”. It’s really simple. As we know it very well that “Reputation & Customer Satisfaction is the Key to Success”.

FastBros has mastered the 30 Minute repair process. FastBros has over 8years in repair business and now offers 30 Minutes repair services with enough time for the device to be tested properly. We ensure that the device will not be repaired in rush and the repairs will be 100% guarantee as long as you own the phone.






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We only use 100% genuine parts where possible. If original parts aren’t available we will source the next best thing OEM parts from the same factories that produce the parts..

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    Hardware Problem

    We repair all hardware faults in smartphones / tablets , even L3 / L4 level faults - Like Dead mobile repair

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    Software Problem

    Software upgrades, Network unlocking services, OS reinstallation. application error, software faults

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    Water Damage

    There is a 50% chance we can fully repair your device. Do not try to turn-on device. Give us a call first

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    Network Faults

    We repair all network related faults like No network, Weak signal, Call drop. We fix all network related faults in smartphones / tablets.

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    Battery / Charging

    Battery replacement for Samsung mobiles. We fix charging faults - does not charge, battery drain fast, does not charge completely

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    LCD Repair / Replacement

    Broken/ cracked LCD replacement, Lines on display, Blank Display, White light on display - We fix any LCD related problems on you device.




Do you need to get your non warranty SMARTPHONE / TABLET repaired? We understand how critical your device is to you. FastBros specialize in repairing broken or faulty smart devices and we repair more than 500 devices every month. Just give us a call!  WE WILL GET YOU UP AND RUNNING 30 MINUTES OR LESS

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    Touchpad Repair / Replace

    Broken Touchpad, Touch pad does not work, Touch pad does work in some portion, We fix all Touchpad faults in smartphones

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    Wifi Problem

    Wifi not connecting, Wifi connected but internet not working, weak wifi signal, wifi not working - We fix them all

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    All Buttons Repair

    We fix / replace Home button, Volume Button, Mute button, On-Off Button, Vibrator Button, Silent Button

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    If your device is not salvageable and you choose to discard it. We have a free phone/tablet recycling program. We believe in a clean environment.

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    Unbeatable FastBros Guarantee!
    We stand by our work with a lifetime repair warranty. Please ask for details!

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    Safe data protocol to make sure privacy is 100% protected. No lost time transferring/recovering data, or re-installing software because we keep your data on the device.

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    Hassle-free pickup - drop service options

Cellphone and Tablet Repair
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Do you need to get your non warranty Samsung/iPhone repaired? We understand how critical your phone is to you. FastBros specialize in repairing broken or faulty smart devices. Just give us a Call!