Battery Problems

Battery Problems

Battery Problems

Are you having battery problems? The experts at Fast Bros Phone Repair can quickly diagnose your device and determine if the battery is faulty, your phone battery dies fast, your phone battery life is compromised, or if there is a phone charger port issue.

After 400-500 cycles your phone battery will only have about 80% of its original capacity. You can charge it to 100% but the battery life only lasts 80% as long as it did when new. When you notice this happening it may be time to have it replaced.

Diagnosing & Repairing Battery Problems

Does your battery drain in just a few hours or won’t charge fully, or perhaps not even hold a charge at all? We will diagnose your device to make sure it is the battery, but in some cases could simply be a faulty or dirty charge port.

Here are some signs your battery needs to be replaced:

  • If your phone turns itself off even though it shows to have remaining capacity
  • If your phone needs to remain plugged in all the time or it won’t stay on
  • If your phone gets really hot when you are using it
  • If your phone has swelling around the frame and glass or white cloudy areas on the screen

You can try to change some settings to conserve battery life. However, in most cases a replacement is the best solution especially if you are experiencing any of the problems described above.

Phone Charger Port Repairs

Bring your phone to us if you're experiencing charger port problems and we'll quickly determine if it's simply a loose connection or a dirty charger port preventing proper charging. If the charger port is damaged, we will either repair or replace it so your phone will charge as before.

Using incorrect tools or not knowing how to repair the device can cause permanent damage. Let our expert staff provide a free diagnosis and fix the problem right away.

A Fast & Cost-Effective Solution

We stock only the highest quality replacement batteries and charger ports. Rest assured we will never recommend or replace parts that you do not need!

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