Faulty Camera Repair

Faulty Camera Repair

Our phone camera is typically our only camera. A faulty camera can't capture our precious life moments. Don’t worry, because Fast Bros Phone Repair will diagnose the problem and fix it!

Did your camera suddenly stop working or is the image quality lower than normal? Even if there are no obvious signs of damage bring your phone in and we will diagnose it, free.

What You Could Do

Here are some steps you can take to fix your faulty camera before bringing us your phone:

  • Check to make sure your phone is running the most current software
  • Restart your phone

What We Can Do

If these steps do not work to correct the camera issues then bring your phone to us and we will troubleshoot it to determine the proper course of action.

We will advise you of what needs to be done before we do anything so don’t worry about paying for repairs that are not 100% necessary!

Faulty Camera Repair

 Fast Bros is the only place I will bring our phones for repair! They are quick and efficient and reasonably priced. 

Susan A.

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