Damaged Back Glass

Damaged Back Glass

​Back Glass ​can shatter on impact. It may be tempting to ​get a new phone if ​it's smashed to bits, but if ​the phone still works properly, it’s worth saving.

Don't worry, Fast Bros Phone Repair can quickly and easily replace the back glass on your phone.

​Benefits of Using Us

  • ​We can repair your damaged back glass the same day in most cases, and usually in as little as a few hours
  • ​Repairs start at low prices so breaking your phone won’t break the bank
  • ​Repaired with manufacturer-approved parts and our ​Fast Bros Warranty
  • ​Fixed by a Fast Bros Phone Repair expert ​with years of experience so you can trust the result

​Repairing your phone with ​Fast Bros Phone Repair is typically faster, more affordable, and trustworthy than going to a third-party repair store

​A Fast & cost-Effective solution

​The repair professionals at ​Fast Bros Phone Repair ​are happy to replace your back glass if it’s cracked. We have the tools and expertise to get it done for you ​fast and at an affordable price.

Damaged Back Glass

​We Buy & Sell Used Devices

​Bring your phone or tablet in today and we will make you an offer. We also sell a variety of refurbished phones.

Call or Contact Us or come by today to find out more!

Used Phones

​Really nice people, they fixed the damaged back ​glass of my iPhone 8 Plus and it works wonderfully!

​Yvette Tavarez

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​* rules apply. Ask for details.

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