Damaged Back Glass

Damaged Back Glass

Back Glass can shatter on impact. It may be tempting to get a new phone if it's smashed to bits, but if the phone still works properly, it’s worth saving.

Don't worry, Fast Bros Phone Repair can quickly and easily replace your damaged phone.

Benefits of Using Us

  • We can repair your damaged phone the same day in most cases, and usually in as little as a few hours
  • Repairs start at low prices so breaking your phone won’t break the bank
  • Repaired with the highest quality parts and covered by our warranty
  • Fixed by a Fast Bros Phone Repair expert with years of experience so you can trust the result

Repairing your phone with Fast Bros Phone Repair is typically faster, more affordable, and trustworthy than going to a third-party repair store

A Fast & cost-Effective solution

The repair professionals at Fast Bros Phone Repair are happy to replace your back glass if it’s cracked. We have the tools and expertise to get it done for you fast and at an affordable price.

Damaged Back Glass

Really nice people, they fixed the damaged back glass of my iPhone 8 Plus and it works wonderfully!

Yvette Tavarez

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