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Accidents happen and can cause a cracked screen. When this happens, the technicians at Fast Bros Phone Repair will get your phone's cracked screen repaired and back to normal Fast.

We stock a wide selection of replacement screens to give you options to get your device quickly back in proper working order.

We have two iPhone screen repair & replacement options for your cracked screen, a refurbished aftermarket screen and a higher quality OEM (original equipment manufacturer) replacement.

The aftermarket is a cost effective option which still provides good image quality but slightly lower resolution and crispness of colors versus the OEM which is going to perform as well as the one your phone came with new out of the box.

Benefits of Using Us

With our huge selection of replacement screens we will have the one you need when you need it. Plus by offering two iPhone LCD replacement options we can offer you a solid quality aftermarket replacement at a price that won’t break your budget.

For those who want or need the highest quality, clearest and most vivid colors, we have the OEM option at competitive prices.

Clear Solutions

In addition to having a cracked screen, if you notice any of the following it could be that the LCD was also damaged:

  • Black or white lines
  • Dead or stuck pixels
  • Screen appears discolored or does not respond to your touch

A Fast & Effective solution

The repair professionals at Fast Bros Phone Repair are happy to replace your cracked screen. We have the tools and expertise to get it done for you fast and at an affordable price.

Cracked Screen

Very honest and trustworthy business! Went in to have what I thought was a cracked screen. The gentleman helping took the protector off and sure enough screen was not shattered. He could have easily took it to the back and “fixed it” but instead he was honest and saved us from unnecessary spending! Thank you!

Kimberly Jenkins

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