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Cheaper Ipads

As we close in on the month of March, which seems almost certain to hold the promise of an Apple Event, the rumors of new iPads continue to abound. However, in the last week or so, they seem to have taken a turn. While there is growing certainty that there will be an event in March, whether we will actually get iPad hardware that soon is now being called into question.

The latest reports from several sites, including AppleInsider and MacRumors have the new 10.5″ and 12.9″ iPad Pro arriving sometime between May and June. While I think we will still hear details about the new device and the refresh of the OG Pro at our rumored March event, it looks like we may have to wait to lay our money down for new gear. While this is disappointing for us fanboys, it may also be by design.

With these potential delays in mind, I am left to wonder about the good old iPad Air 2. When the earlier rumors of a lower cost 9.7″ iPad came around late last and earlier this year, I wrote that this device was likely just the 9.7″ iPad Pro as it stands now, with a slight price drop. It is a newer device than the 12.9″ Pro, and it certainly seems like the rumored 10.5″ model is destined to take its place, since they have the same body size. Rather than refresh it now, why not just drop the price and try to grab more sales for a Pencil-enabled device? Because of this prediction, I assumed that the Air 2 would be phased out, leaving only the iPad Pros and maybe the current Mini left standing.

However, indications over the last week are that Apple actually will realease a slightly updated 9.7″ iPad Air at an even lower price point. This device is rumored to retail starting at $299, which is a full $100 off the current price. With iPad sales and profits having steadily fallen for three straight years, this move makes sense. It makes even more sense in light of the fact that, despite the features and power of the current iPad Pros, the Air 2 and Mini still outsell them. Keeping both the Air 2 and Mini around as even lower priced options seems like a much better idea than I originally thought in such a price-sensitive market.

One interesting thing about the rumors of iPad Pro delays and iPad Air price drops is whether Apple would go ahead and release a “new” lower priced Air in March. I say new because, even with a $100 price drop, I feel pretty certain that Apple is going to at least slightly bump the specs to freshen up this tablet. With buyers left waiting a while for new Pros, many of whom have been resistant to their higher price tag over the past two years, it is possible that Apple will use an exclusive release window for an updated Air to try and give iPad sales a shot in the arm. If so, I certainly hope that it works. If not, then Apple may really be fighting a losing battle trying to turn the tide of sales back to at least even.
Another time to watch iPad sales, and specifically sales of this rumored Air, will be around the Holidays of 2017. The new iPhone will be released and in full production and sales glory by then, but I wonder if Apple is willing to get aggressive with Air pricing, or at least allow retailers to, to spur sales. A $249 sale price (or an equivalent or greater gift card bundle at a retailer like BestBuy) for what would still be a powerful device may get the interest of people who are still using iPad 2s and original iPad Minis. There are more of those people out there than you think.

Considering how long the iPad upgrade cycles have proven to be, how few legitimate competitors there are left to take on the iPad, and how expensive most of them also are, there is a legitimate opportunity to move a lot of new iPads into exiting users’ hands. Considering Apple’s big push into the realm of services and the increasing revenue they are generating for the company, keeping iPad users happy and in the ecosystem is more important than ever. So, be on the lookout for a lower-priced Air refresh at Apple’s upcoming event. I have a feeling this rumor has long legs.

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Repair or Replace

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You broke your iPhone screen….now what? With so many options out there these days, let us lay out the truth and help explain the cost effectiveness of a repair versus just getting a “new” phone.

As a fair baseline, we went to the “fountains of truth” for our pricing comparisons….Apple, eBay and Craigslist.  On the Apple website, we looked at the price for a new phone (without a contract) and an ‘exchanged’ iPhone price at any Apple Store. For eBay we took an average price of the first ten items that matched our criteria…for both new and used.  For Craigslist we assumed all items were used and we took the average price of 20 phones for each iPhone (5 listings from 4 U.S. cities) Check out the chart below:

Cost Sheet

As you can see, choosing to repair your iPhone with Oops Repair is a great financial option. In addition to the savings:

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The iPhone Rumor

Will it be called the iPhone 8, iPhone 7S, iPhone 10, iPhone X — or something else entirely?

For now, we’re calling it the iPhone 8 — but we don’t know exactly what the company will call the next iPhone. Apple sometimes takes a haphazard approach to numbering, and with the possibility of multiple new models and price points, there are several names circulating that pass the smell test.

Certainly, the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus are realistic contenders for the midcycle “S” refresh in March (if it comes). For the more significant release expected in the fall, however, anything is possible. Yes, the iPhone 8 would make sense — but Apple could always hit us with something from left field, like the iPhone 10, in a nod to the device’s 10th birthday, or even the iPhone X, in the tradition of Mac OS X (X being the Roman numeral for 10).

It could cost $1,000 or more

Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty (via Macrumors) contends that Apple will deliver a dramatically redesigned iPhone 8 with tons of new features, supporting Fast Company’s theory that the 10th anniversary edition will cost more than $1,000. It’s certainly possible — and, perhaps, likely, if the new model includes even just a few of the more dramatic rumored features. This would also pave the way for Apple to release less expensive models (i.e. the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus) in March.

Will the iPhone get wireless charging?

Lots of sources on this one. Reuters reports that there are multiple groups at Apple working on technology for an iPhone that supports wireless charging. Earlier in February, Apple joined the Wireless Power Consortium — a potential harbinger. Last year, The Verge reported that Apple has been staffing up on wireless-charging experts, and the Nikkei Asian Review reported that Foxconn, one of Apple’s main manufacturing partners, was making wireless charging modules for the 2017 iPhone.

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Our Latest Works

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Our Process

We work with clients big and small across a range of sectors and we utilise all forms of media to get your name out there in a way that’s right for you.


Fast Electronics Recovery

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